Electric power systems are rapidly shifting from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. Shifting the entire electrical grid power system to renewable energy sources such as hydro, wind, and solar is a complex task. Renewable energy sources have unpredictable energy generation profiles, thus, efficient energy storage systems are needed to handle the load fluctuations.

Within the energy storage market, batteries are the fastest-growing technology because of their modularity and scalability. Today’s market is dominated by two technologies: lithium and lead-acid batteries. These alternatives are neither safe nor reasonably priced.

Our solution

Our solution is to manufacture zinc-ion batteries for large-scale energy storage. Our technology consists of nontoxic, easy-access and inexpensive materials that have an existing sustainable infrastructure for production and recycling. Our technology is based on chemistry similar to the well-known primary alkaline battery, namely zinc and manganese dioxide.

These batteries are ubiquitous in the market today because of their low cost and high energy density — but they are only capable of delivering their stored energy once. Our team has made major breakthroughs in making these low-cost batteries rechargeable. We have demonstrated prototypes with high battery performance for over 2,000 cycles to a cell cost level below 50€/kWh.

We aim to offer our product to homeowners, grid system operators, energy distributors, and integrators — all those who focus on implementing renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power that require low-cost, large-scale batteries for energy storage.