Proven Technology. Recharged.

Introducing safe, affordable and sustainable batteries for large-scale energy storage.

Our journey began a few years ago, when CTO and Co-Founder, Dr. Mylad Chamoun, made a research breakthrough at Stockholm University: after iterating through more than 100 recipes, he accomplished what battery scientists have been attempting for over 60 years: a rechargeable zinc-manganese dioxide battery!

Following this, in 2018, Dr. Chamoun and his long-time collaborator, Dr. Samer Nameer founded Enerpoly based on this flagship invention.

Cost-efficient. yet High performing.

Enabling renewable energy.

Enerpoly’s zinc-ion technology enables sustainable energy on a global scale by delivering breakthrough affordability in energy storage.  With Enerpoly batteries, we can reach 2030 global cost targets for renewable energy storage today

Enerpoly innovates in battery components, production methods and designs, and employs agile research and development techniques to rapidly deliver batteries that are cost-efficient.  Our batteries are 30% more cost-friendly than mature battery technologies at competitive performance. 

battery mockup

Driven by Sustainablity.

The bridge to a clean and sustainable future.

Enerpoly contributes to 3 of 5 dimensions of the European Green Deal. Through 30% more affordable battery cells, Enerpoly can make renewable energy more cost-competitive and substantially increase the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix. Our technology, based on available raw materials, has a well-established recycling infrastructure.  It allows for a circular chemical economy: end-users can recycle batteries and battery manufacturers can reuse materials.

without sacrificing Safety.


The materials and electrolyte in our batteries are stable, and thus, non-volatile and non-flammable. Exothermic side reactions at high temperatures are easily tolerated by our chemistry. We also avoid the use of toxic solvents in the manufacturing process.

Updates on Technology Development