Sustainable batteries for energy storage solutions

What starts here will change the world. Our groundbreaking innovation – rechargeable zinc-ion battery cells – makes 100% renewables possible on a global scale. It is the cleanest, safest, most sustainable, and most affordable energy storage solution on the planet. At Enerpoly, we envision a future where technical excellence and social responsibility are in complete harmony, and we work tirelessly to bring about the most innovative technology without compromising on everything else that matters. Yes, we CAN have it all.

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Funders and Partners


Europe’s Green Deal startup heroes

August 2020: Sifted recognized Enerpoly as one of the beneficiaries of the European Commission Green Deal funds.

ÅForsk Fellow Interview

June 2020: An interview with our co-founder after being awarded as one of Sweden’s 10 most innovative entrepreneurs in 2020.

ÅForsk Fellow 2020

April 2020: Our co-founder was awaraded one of Sweden’s 10 most innovative entrepreneurs and received ÅForsk Entreprenur scholarship.

Venture Cup Region East Winner

May 2019: Enerpoly was one of the winners in Venture Cup’s region East finals.

InnoEnergy Global Call Electrical Storage

April 2019: Enerpoly was one of the top 21 ventures in InnoEnergy’s global call for electrical storage.

NyTeknik: They Make Non-rechargeable Rechargeable

February 2019: NyTeknik visited the labs and highlights Enerpoly’s work.