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Our purpose is to build a future where everyone has access to clean energy. Enerpoly enables sustainable energy on a global scale by delivering safe, clean, sustainable, and affordable energy storage innovations. With our groundbreaking innovation – rechargeable zinc-ion battery cells, we can make 100% renewable energy possible everywhere. Our mission is to deliver the energy storage solutions of tomorrow, to everyone, through our commitment to honest innovation.

$ 103 bn
2030 Addressable Market
30 %
More Cost Effective
93 %
Circular Chemistry
100 %
Can be Sourced & Made in EU


While at Stockholm University, Dr. Mylad Chamoun had a research breakthrough into the 60-year-old problem of zinc-manganese dioxide battery rechargeability. In 2018, Enerpoly was founded upon this research to build a future where everyone has access to low-cost clean energy through our safe and scalable energy storage solution.

Our batteries resolve the intermittency of renewables and make a grid powered by clean energy viable. Additionally, our technology is affordable, has end-of-life options in society and is made of non-volatile, non-toxic, abundantly available, and accessible materials. This allows us to fully source and develop in Europe, avoiding supply chain instability. Today, funded by the EU and partnered with companies like Polarium, we work to bring the Enerpoly battery to a global scale.


Enerpoly History

Co-founder Dr. Mylad Chamoun has a research breakthrough and establishes a partnership with Höganäs AB for a proof-of-concept.
Dr. Chamoun and Dr. Samer Nameer found Enerpoly AB, secure funding from Vinnova and initiate lab-scale testing at partnering labs.
Enerpoly files first patent and continues technical development. Industrial partnership with Incell International AB, now called Polarium, begins.
Eloisa de Castro joins as CEO. Enerpoly secures funding from European Commission and Swedish Energy Agency, and enters Sting accelerator.
2021 Q2
Enerpoly team expands. Pilot production line installed at industrial laboratory in Stockholm. Second patent is filed.

Enerpoly Leadership Team

Uniquely suited to lead Enerpoly....


“At Enerpoly, our commitment to community guides our development. We are building a business that creates economic growth, developing partnerships with the vision of creating more sustainable cities, and cultivating relationships with other businesses to establish a secure, renewable value chain.” - Eloisa de Castro, CEO

Through their many uses, zinc-ion batteries contribute to circular and green economies, and the achievement of EU’s Green Deal Objectives and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

EU’s Green Deal Objectives:

Dimension 1:
Energy Security, Solidarity & Trust

Dimension 4: Decarbonising the Economy

Dimension 5: Research, Innovation & Competitiveness


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