Partner with Us

Partner with Us

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Enerpoly!

Enerpoly has received over €2M in grant funding from the European Innovation Council (EIC) and Swedish Energy Agency to deploy a technology transfer of our zinc-ion cell production process using the manufacturing line of a battery manufacturing partner. We are now accepting proposals from manufacturers and end-users who wish to participate in our EIC-funded project, and whose target markets and production capabilities are a strong match.

Submit Your Interest

Please submit a letter of interest, and the form below to be considered for pilot projects with Enerpoly to

Advantages of working with Enerpoly:

  • Early access to a promising new battery technology with high performance (85% efficiency for 2,000 cycle life) which saves 50% on cost of materials and production combined.
  • Enerpoly zinc-ion is suitable for stationary storage in residential, commercial, industrial, and utility-scale installations. Our zinc-ion battery technology helps our customers compete in what is a $21B market today that is growing at 17% CAGR to $103B in 2030.
  • Expand leadership in sustainable frontier tech: reducing costs of energy storage is necessary for a world powered by clean, renewable energy.
  • Contribute to carbon-free energy generation and storage goals as Enerpoly battery materials have global availability and recyclability.

In order to be considered for these projects, please download the PDF above and fill the form on page 3, as well as letter of interest describing your capabilities and why your company would be an ideal partner. Email with your interest.