Enerpoly raises pre-seed funding to address global battery needs

Enerpoly raised €410K in latest investment round. Now the startup aims to make battery storage affordable enough to be in every home.
Enerpoly founding team raised pre-seed funding
Enerpoly’s founding team (from left to right: Samer Nameer, Mylad Chamoun, and Eloisa de Castro)

Stockholm, Sweden, 14 September 2021 – This summer, Enerpoly closed its pre-seed funding round of €410K with select angel investors that have experience building and managing global manufacturing companies and successfully doing business within the battery industry. Sting Holding also participated in this pre-seed funding round. The company now has €2.5 million in financing to tackle the lack of sustainable and affordable battery energy storage solutions.

“We are a proud backer of Enerpoly since 2019 and are very excited about their innovative solution for stationary energy storage. Their battery technology will contribute to solving the climate challenge and we feel confident that the great team behind Enerpoly will succeed in this important mission.” – Pär Hedberg, founder and CEO of Sting.

Enerpoly is pioneering rechargeable zinc-ion battery technology made of abundant and inexpensive materials. Renewable power generation is expected to dominate the electricity grid by 2030, and stationary battery storage is needed to ensure the reliability of intermittent solar and wind power. As the high cost of energy storage is the primary barrier to clean energy, Enerpoly’s affordable batteries can drive a transition to the electric grid of the future — one powered by resilient and renewable energy sources.

“Sustainability-focused homeowners have been installing solar panels on their rooftops for decades, but the majority of the energy they produce is sold back to the utility and not used for their home’s energy needs. To solve this problem, many of these savvy homeowners have evaluated installing batteries to store the energy for when it’s needed, but in most cases, the batteries are far too expensive to justify the investment. Enerpoly’s groundbreakingly cost-effective technology answers this need. Our batteries can also support the local economy – everything in the technology can be sourced and manufactured in Sweden.” – Eloisa de Castro, CEO.

With the world focused on reducing emissions and waste, Enerpoly is well poised to answer global trends with its sustainable battery innovation. Globally accessible materials reduce supply chain risks and carbon emissions related to transportation. The established recycling infrastructure for alkaline batteries benefits Enerpoly’s technology due to the similar materials used. After recycling, these materials can also be reused in production, contributing to a circular economy.

“Another important feature for homeowners when choosing a battery is safety. Some of the batteries today pose risks if designed or used improperly. In our hunt to solve this problem, we looked at the well-known alkaline battery chemistry. These batteries are safe and have been used in household items, including children’s toys, for over 60 years. However, they are non-rechargeable. Our breakthrough in making this battery chemistry rechargeable has resulted in an energy storage solution that resolves the safety needs of homeowners.” – Dr. Samer Nameer, co-founder and CINO of Enerpoly.

This round of pre-seed funding will propel Enerpoly to the next stage of development and prepare the technology for demonstration in pilots for residential-scale batteries and other behind-the-meter applications such as electric vehicle charging infrastructure.


About Enerpoly
Founded in 2018, Enerpoly is a next generation energy storage technology company pioneering rechargeable zinc-ion battery chemistry. With our groundbreaking zinc-ion batteries, Enerpoly will drive a transition to the electric grid of the future – one powered by resilient and renewable energy, that has the flexibility and reliability to support the growth in electric vehicles and offering empowered consumers the choice of supporting clean energy sources. By designing our batteries with safe and affordable materials that can be sustainably scaled, Enerpoly is building a world where everyone has access to clean energy.

Contact Information
Sahitya Yarlagadda, sahitya.yarl@enerpoly.com
More about Enerpoly at www.enerpoly.com

Enerpoly raises pre-seed funding to address global battery needs
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