Enerpoly joins industry coalitions: European Battery Alliance and Zinc Battery Initiative

By joining industry alliances, Enerpoly gains business development opportunities, regulatory insights, and market intelligence pivotal to Enerpoly’s success.

Stockholm, Sweden, 6 April 2020 – Enerpoly is pleased to announce it has joined the European Battery Alliance (EBA) and the Zinc Battery Initiative (ZBI). 

The EBA is an ecosystem for stakeholders along battery value chain and is directly linked with the European Commission, interfacing with European Industrial Policy and the Green Deal.  As a part of EBA250, Enerpoly will gain regulatory insights and updates on upcoming legislations, business development opportunities through access to a network of industry, innovation and academic partners from entire battery value chain, market intelligence on ongoing activities and battery projects in Europe and de-risking opportunities.

The ZBI is a program launched by the International Zinc Association (IZA) to facilitate cooperation between zinc-producers and zinc battery manufacturers to enable the increased development of mission critical battery technologies. Enerpoly joins IZA as an affiliate member and will promote rechargeable zinc-based batteries with stakeholders in zinc production, manufacturing, and recycling.

“The advancement of zinc battery technologies, resulting in low-cost, sustainable and safe options for key applications, represents a disruptive innovation with significant impacts on these markets going forward,” said Andrew Green, the executive director of IZA. “We are enthusiastic about creating a partnership between our zinc-producing members and leading companies in the zinc battery sector to help promote the development and use of these technologies.”

About Enerpoly

Founded in 2018, Enerpoly is a next generation energy storage technology company pioneering the rechargeable zinc-ion battery chemistry with the mission of enabling sustainable energy on a global scale. Enerpoly innovates in battery components, production methods and designs, and employs agile research and development techniques to rapidly deliver batteries that are suitable for grid, industrial, commercial, and residential uses.

About EBA250

The European Battery Alliance (EBA) was launched in 2017 by the European Commission, EU countries, industry, and the scientific community. Batteries are a strategic part of Europe’s clean and digital transition and a key enabling technology. Therefore, the Commission aims to make Europe a global leader in sustainable battery production and use. The EBA250 network has grown into an open ecosystem of more than 600 stakeholders actively collaborating to build a strong and competitive European battery industry.

About Zinc Battery Initiative

The Zinc Battery Initiative (ZBI) is a program of the International Zinc Association.  The ZBI was formed in 2020 to promote rechargeable zinc batteries’ remarkable story and encourage further adoption of these products. Members are the leading companies in the industry – each with proprietary technologies. Yet, all share zinc as a common base, producing high-performance, safe, and environmentally sustainable batteries.  The ZBI facilitates cooperation between producers to enable the increased development of these critical technologies.

Enerpoly joins industry coalitions: European Battery Alliance and Zinc Battery Initiative
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